Patriotism and Migrating Monarchs

On our National Day of Prayer and Remembrance - September 14, 2001

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During the late afternoon of September 14th, clusters of Monarch butterflies began assembling
in the oak and elm trees on the southside of the Kansas State Capitol grounds.  Roosting in clusters of
30 to 40 butterflies each, seven groups were observed. 

Last year the Monarchs arrived on September 13th, and appeared to favor the northside of the
Capitol building, (
See Migrating Monarch Butterflies) where they roosted in pine trees.

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Completing my first session of photographing these butterflies about 4:30 P.M., I started

for home and while enroute via College Avenue, a few blocks north of Washburn University, I came upon
some really neat demonstrations of patriotism at side by side homes here in Topeka.

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The woman who resides at this residence was mowing her grass when we photographed her
large flag suspended between the home and large curb side tree.  She apologized for not having a
"50 star flag" and explained that this was the type of flag that is flown on battleships.  He husband
had a wire attached in the tree and they have a cord and pulley attached to upper floor of their
home to raise and lower the flag.

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Fluttering in the wind from branch to branch as they prepare to roost in Topeka, KS
for the evening, while enroute to Mexico where they stay the Winter.

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Shortly after arriving back on the State Capitol grounds, two fellas from Denver, Colorado
armed with a disposable point and shoot camera approached and asked if I would mind
taking their picture in front of the Capitol building.

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I took two pictures with their camera and one with mine - Andy and John explained that they were
participating in a "scavenger hunt", cross-country photo challenge from Devner to Nashville,
Tennessee along with some 40 other travellers. It's believed they got 100 points
for a picture in front of the Kansas Capitol.

* For more information about Monarch butterflies visit
Monarch Watch.

All photographs 2001 by Don Palmer