Huff 'n Puff
24th Annual - Topeka, KS
Illumination - Friday 7:30 - 8:30 P.M., Sept 10, 1999

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While most of these pictures were taken without using the flash, hopefully to enhance the natural
atmosphere, we soon discovered that the sun setting to the West was not helping us capture
those moments before it got dark and the illumination of the hot air balloons began.

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Lots of preparation and the participation of whole families to get the baloons inflated, upright and
begin to ignite the burners and still keep the balloons on the ground.

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Spectacular colors as the baloons began to illuminate against a dark sky on the East
side of Lake Shawnee.  Tomorrow will be the launching events and these
same balloons will take to the air.

All photos 1999 by D. G. Palmer