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                                                                                             Wildlife Area - Part 1

Cheyenne Bottoms Wildlife Area lies two miles east of U.S. Highway 281, midway between
Great Bend and Hoisington, KS.  Access is also available from K-156, or by turning off K-4
Highway at Redwing.  I entered it off of Highway K-156.

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Within 500 feet of the entrance off of K-156 there is a road side shelter area that I stopped
and encountered a large group of Barn Swallows that have taken up nesting in the shelter.
More than a dozen nests and they were not happy when I walked beneath it.

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On this particular day, some of the extreme west edge of the area was being burned and one
can see the smoke in the distance in photos one and three (top row) above.

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Almost immediately upon entering this area, one can sense why this has been described as such a
diverse, large and unique marsh and that birdwatching is one of the more popular activities.
The above photos are of American Avocets, that were all along the entranceway.

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Warning sign as you enter and some general views to include the observation tower.  This
is Spring 2002; the below general area photos were taken last Fall, 2001.

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Easy to navigate in any vehicle among several water pools on both gravel and earth roadways.

All photos 2002 by don Palmer