Nature at Spring Arbor Lake
Part 3 - Carbondale, Illinois

Chipmunks in this area are difficult to capture without a lot of patience and sitting still.
When this one was found it was raining and very cloudy. At over one hundred feet away and
a lack of light, our image was not as sharp as usual.

Gray squirrels in the area are equally difficult to capture and not quite as
accommodating as the Red squirrels in Kansas.

Backing off a bit from the closer Humming Bird photos (Part 2), we were able to photograph as
many as six at one time either sitting peacefully together, or fighting over territory.

Up the road a few miles from Spring Arbor Lake is Giant City State Park.
Off one of the many nature trails was a small pond that was loaded with Painted Turtles. These shots
were from a wooden bridge-walkway at about 80 feet away. As the area was approached
several of the turtles had already taken a dive into the pond.


All photos 2002 by don Palmer