Late Spring in the Flint Hills
- Part 1
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This particular day was June 12, 2005, not quite Summer yet, but almost the end of Spring.  While it was not foreseen that this would
be one of the last times Samantha would accompany me to the Flint Hills, that may be the reason I had almost forgotten about these
images and that we had originally headed out with the anticipation of capturing some thunderstorms and lightning.

Sam enjoying every bit of this trip and sniffing around in some back roads vegetation.  She never chased a Collard Lizard all those
years we've been out here, but she often times patiently awaited my crawling around in the rocks and dirt looking for lizards.

This really is one of my favorite times of the year, when the blue stem grasses begin really showing and the pastures are greening up for
the commencement of Summer.  And while it's breezy and sometimes really windy, the heat of Summer has not set in and it's quite
enjoyable traversing those back roads.

Another advantage of looking around the Flint Hills before the heaviness of Summer growth, is that you can see many of the rocks
and stones that are literally beneath the tall grass the remainder of the season.

While the skies were cloudy, they allowed rays of sunshine to pass and among all this Spring green we were about to
discover some colors that we had not expected.

All photos © 2005 by don Palmer