Infrared Gallery 1

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The following photos were taken with a Hoya R-72 infrared filter attached to the camera
and in some instances the camera was set to function in black and white, sepia or color.

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Eastern edge of the Kansas Flint Hills in Wabaunsee County during the Winter.

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Kansas State Capitol
dome from the South side.

ir-40s.jpg (12738 bytes)

Kansas State Capitol
(South side) in the background.

ir-38s.jpg (10217 bytes)

Full view of the South
side of the Kansas State Capitol.

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The former Topeka State Hospital administration building.
We had a little more sunlight when these were taken, but kept the ISO set at 100.

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The former Osawatomie State Hospital administration building,
Osawatomie, Kansas.

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An old abandoned iron railroad  bridge, with a foundation of timbers still present.
This was located north of Kansas Highway 268 about 1/8 of a mile, near the Osage-Franklin County lines.

All photos 2002 by don Palmer