Ground Hogs at Osawatomie
                                                                                                                       Exploring the Sunken Garden
(Click on image for larger view)

From a distance they acted like Prairie Dogs, sitting up and looking around, but a closer
look showed they definitely were Ground Hogs.  Five pairs and four little ones were seen in and
around the Sunken Garden area of Osawatomie State Hospital campus, Osawatomie, KS.

The Sunken Garden bears a corner stone that is dated "1934" and has been the
comfort of other animals and creatures in the past, such as the den of a Red Fox and pups and
a variety of birds.

Quietly slipping up through the Sunken Garden, two of the Ground Hogs headed
into a drainage pipe, which was the opportunity to get some real close-up shots.  A loud
  piercing whistle sound was the warning to the others and soon they all headed for their holes.

Weird looking choppers on these Ground Hogs and not something I would like to encounter, but
look closely and you will see flies on the nose and forehead area in some
of the close-up shots. 

Enough of you and your camera,  this Ground Hog heads down the hill and to his home.

All photos © 2003 by don Palmer