Center Building - (Revisted)

A closer look at the former Topeka State Hospital Administration Building
(Click on image for larger view)

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An architectural wonder constructed in the 1800's and still standing.  We photographed this
building in 1998 (See Center Building), but soon noticed this time that something was
missing and it sure wasn't the bars on the top floor windows.

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Looking closely at our 1998 photos (See number 3 top photo) shows a large fountain
in the center of the straight front shot, encompassed by shrubbery and a concrete
center ring.  Our August 2001 photos show the fountain has been removed.

Where did the fountain go?  We've been told it's up at the refurbished Governor's
Mansion (Cedar Crest).  Does it look any better up there?  Who knows, I haven't seen it.

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The interior of this building has beautifully tiled floors and mahogany wood work.

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Copper covered domes and inlay beneath the roof edge have turned green with age.
Both the west and east sides of this building have a few small stained glass windows.
The windows in the towers have curved glass that blends with the contour of the structure.

All photos 2001 by Don Palmer