Winter Wonderland in the Flint Hills
- Part 2

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One never knows when roaming the back roads and what at times seems like uncharted prairie land, who
you might run into and this particular morning was no exception.

I had stopped near the intersection north of the U.S. Government Doppler Radar station along Skyline Drive
and let Samantha get out and run around.  Soon she was digging in the snow looking for mice or maybe a
possum, I don't know.  Slowly moving up the roadway towards us was a Blazer with a guy and a dog.  It
didn't take long to learn that it was Jim Ramberg, a local columnist and writer for the Topeka Metro News.

Jim had  been snowed in for days and was able to get out for the first time in a week and head for Alma,
Kansas to get some supplies.  Jim was later to write an article about his snow days in the February 6th
edition of the Topeka Metro News (Click on center photo above).

Before Jim departed he gave us directions and allowed us to visit his place.  A mile and then some (so it seemed)
through drifted snow we found a 1930's farm house and numerous aged out-buildings that were fascinating
to see and wonder about the history that this place had hidden.


All photos © 2004 by don Palmer