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   A glimpse of the former town known as Volland, Kansas

I've heard several stories about Volland and several different ways to get there and that it was
ghost town.  When I got into a conversation recently with one person, I was told, "Well, it's a
ghost town, but there are people living there too."

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In light of that, I first drove south of Alma, Kansas to see if the Flint Hills were beginning
to green up after a cold dry Winter.  About ten miles south, I went west on a ridge road,
only to find after about twelve miles it came to an abrupt end and a locked gate.  So much
for taking a short cut to Volland via our GPS and trying to sneak in the back way.

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Dry and dusty, but enough moisture to keep a small pond filled, a Red-wing blackbird
singing and Spring wild flowers blooming all along the edge of the roadway

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This is the perfect time of the year to really see the formation of the Flint Hills,
before the blue-stem grass is really tall and growing.

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Volland is located about half way between Alma and Alta Vista, via Old Highway K-10, going
straight West out of Alma.  It's hard pavement about five miles then turns into gravel.  When you
arrive at the intersection of Volland Road and Old K-10, turn left and your entering the area
from the north.

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The old tractor is the first sign that your in Volland, located on the east side of the Volland
Road, then two older empty houses on the right or west side and another out building
between the two.  If you were to enter Volland from the south, you would cross the
Union Pacific Railroad tracks.

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This red brick building, facing south on the west side of main street, at one time
had a street running east and west in front of it.

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Locked and boarded up on the east side of main street, this at one time may have been a
clothing apparel store, as there were women and men's hats etc., in some shelves and what I could
see through the front windows.

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On my way out of Volland and a few miles east towards Alma, I came across this
1800's small building and what remains of it.  The inside of the cellar
had a curved ceiling and no rattle snakes or other critters.

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For more information regarding Volland, Kansas,
see  transcript, "Mill Creek Memoirs:  The Roots of a Ranching Community, Volland",
Produced by Scott Williams.

All photos 2002 by don Palmer