Fence Posts, Trees and Windmills
Scenic roadside views in the Kansas Flint Hills

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Late afternoons and early evenings can often capture the Seasonal colors, especially in the Kansas Flint Hills
as the sun is setting towards the end of another day.  Fall and Winter are the best months, but late
Summer can also capture the rich colors of the surface in the Flint Hills.

Capturing fence posts, barbed wire and lone trees in infrared is a unique way of showing
lots of contrasting detail along with a feeling of the past.

Bullet holes and rust  from the past litter the wind directional vane on this windmill, but
 the words "The Aermotor" and "Chicago" are still readable.

Oil storage tanks and rigs are still a part and reminder of the past
in some areas of the Flint Hills.

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All photos © 2003 by don Palmer