Colors of Spring in the Flint Hills
                                                                                                             - Part 1
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What a difference in contrast some sixty days can reveal during Spring in the Kansas Flint Hills.  On April 17, 2005, we trekked around the back roads in mostly
Wabaunsee County and found that Spring had sprung, but the wildflowers were barely showing and some ranchers were just completing their pasture burn-offs.
While Upland Sandpipers and other similar birds had arrived, the touch of Winter was just a tad bit still in the air.  In any case, I like colors and the following is a compilation of two separate days and months during Spring 2005 in the Flint Hills.

Top of hill on Jaketown Road, west of Snokomo Road in Wabaunsee County.Looking west on Jaketown Road at the top of the hill in Wabaunsee County.

Ton and tons of stones and rocks that one never sees beneath the grasses during the Summer and Fall, but are revealed during early Spring and late Winter.

Sam patiently waiting for us to get on the move.Sam content and waiting patiently.

Then on June 12, 2005, beneath mostly cloudy skies and a storm off in the Southwest distance, the road sides seemed to be abundant with flowers and the blue stem grasses were tall and blowing in the wind.  It didn't take long to soon discover that the most prevalent was the Butterfly Milkweed.  Usually in large clusters in the open fields, but also among the rocks and intersections of the gravel-dirt roads.  On this particular Sunday we were also fortunate to find in those clusters, numerous butterflies and a Hummngbird Clearwing.


All images © 2005 by don Palmer