Colors of Spring in the Flint Hills
                                                                                                             - Part 2
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Spring time in the Flint Hills with cattle and horses in the foreground and horizon exploring the open fields and grassland
is a sure sign warmer weather is coming.  This particular horse is the companion to the former Rose, who was shot and
killed during January 2002 (See "Tribute to Rose" - June 2002
).  He's a little shy and reasonably so, but soon warms up
when I talk to him.  I was fond of both horses in that they were some of the first I photographed in the Flint Hills.  And even
at sunset they were just an extremely friendly pair as they were during the day time.  Beautiful horses and I often wonder if
he remembers me when I reappear with camera in hand.

The smell of grassland burning is common this time of year and while it doesn't take the dullness of Winter away,
the patches of renewed grass are the beginning of beautiful blue stem slopes that will be evident during the Summer and Fall.

Blue skies, but a little hazy from the smoke.  That will clear in time as the wind and breezes refresh the area.


All images © 2005 by don Palmer