Clements Stone Arch Bridge
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Along U.S. Highway 50, about midway between Strong City, KS and Cedar Point, KS is a town
called Clements.  The 1997-98 Official Kansas map that I carry in my Jeep doesn't show
Clements, but the sign (first photo) along the roadway points to Clements Stone Arch Bridge.

In checking an older Kansas map ( dated 1989-90), Clements, KS is on the map.

Two arches and the original limestone, the bridge is closed and replaced by a newer bridge
a quarter or so down the road.

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Thirty years ago, I crossed another closed bridge as you enter Cottonwood Falls, KS.
This was a particularly pretty sight entering the city during the Spring and Fall, but has deteriorated
with age.

Chase County Courthouse in Cottonwood Falls was built in 1873 of native limestone and
walnut, and is to this day the oldest Kansas courthouse in use.

Click on the link below for more information and a detailed history
of Clements Stone Arched Bridge.

The Clements Stone Arch Bridge
A Preservation Challenge

by G.R. Evans

All photos © 2001 by Don Palmer