Camels in the Flint Hills

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During the Summer, it is not difficult to expect the appearance of Collared lizards, Horned toads and an
occasional Box Turtle along side or on the roadway, but to see the Kansas Flint Hills in Winter with
 a backdrop of Camels is something else.

Located in Geary County, Kansas and just a short distance south of Interstate 70 (Exit 316), camels can be
observed on both sides of the roadway.  Travel further south and you can locate the Old K-18 Highway,
which is getting a little deeper into the Flint Hills and lots of history.

On down the roadway we were reminded that grazing in the Flint Hills all year round is really for Angus beef cattle.  One can
 also see that the Flint Hills are just as rich in colors during a warm-sunny afternoon in Winter as they are green in the Summer.

These cattle were not as friendly as the Camels and soon dispersed among the ruins and foundation
of an old barn, probably dating back to the late 1800's.  Oh well, maybe I smelled like a Camel.

All photos © 2004 by don Palmer