Early Autumn in the Flint Hills
                                                                                                                            - Part 1
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Lack of moisture during a very hot Summer of temperatures in the 90's and 100's for consecutive
 days on end, enhanced a Summer of near drought in some areas of the Kansas Flint Hills.
  Rain just prior to the beginning of Autumn helped green the area and give the foliage
 a boost before the commencement of Fall.  The colors of the Flint Hills, rich in gold,
 orange, red and yellow really begin just a little later in October and all through November.

The image on the left (center images above) was taken on November 9, 2002.  The image
 on the right (above) was taken on October 12, 2003, just shy of one month from a
 year ago and contrasts how quickly the area can change.

Barbed wire fence posts and abandoned windmills are fascinating to see up close and
  photograph.  For more images of fence posts and windmills see
"Fence Posts, Trees and Windmills"

Curious cattle are always friendly with the exception of an area bull that sometimes
snorts and raises the dust level in the Summer time when we're roaming those back roads.

A blanket of color from all sides of the roadway in the Flint Hills during Autumn, a
prelude to cold Winters and the hope of an early Spring.


All photos © 2003 by don Palmer