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I am located in Topeka, the State Capital of Kansas. Photography is a hobby of which I have no specific photographic interest and the photographs contained within this site are liable to be anything and everything. I shoot for enjoyment and this site is for sharing those captured images. I do like color and that crack in the sidewalk depending on how you look at it can be as artistic and interesting as would an image of the Mona Lisa hanging in some farmer's outhouse.

One of my favorite areas to photograph is the Kansas Flint Hills, which is less than twenty miles driving distance to the West of Topeka via Interstate 70. While you can get a view of the Flint Hills via I-70, I spend more time stirring up the dust on those un-maintained roadways that require 4-wheel drive, afterall, in most Kansas counties those roadways only get graded once a year. Up and down those back roads are the views of the Flint Hills that one does not achieve speeding down I-70, unless your in a hurry to get out Kansas (and some are). Maybe your looking for the Yellow Brick Road and that cute little Toto - let me know how that's going. And besides that, you don't see any of those Collared Lizards and other critters on the open highway that are so prominent in the Flint Hills.

I use mostly digital rangefinder cameras. In Nha Trang, Vietnam I carried a Petri rangefinder until it got some sand in the lens mechanism and I got an offer to buy it, too good to pass while sitting in a Vietnamese barber shop. In France I carried a Minolta 16mm sub-miniature camera that fit in my pocket.

Currently the two cameras I use mostly are a Leica D-Lux4 and Sigma DP2. The Leica has all the bells and whistles of a DSLR and the Sigma DP2, well, it's in some class I haven't exactly figured out yet. It has a fixed lens and no zoom. No zoom means the photographer becomes the zoom. Either you get close enough or you back up and frame it the way you want. That takes a little getting use to, but it also exercises your brain before you click the shutter. I shoot RAW images with the Sigma and JPEG with the Leica.

Accompanying each image is the camera used and settings. While I don't consider the camera gear that important, I do believe the ability to see an opportunity and take a shot while employing some creativity is most desired.

I hope you enjoy your visit to my site and some of my photography.

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