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Above the NOTO district - August 9, 2015

Early morning in and around the NOTO (North Topeka Arts District).

Having experienced an engine  problem with one of my two MJX X600 hexacopters, I loaded up the Syma X5C-1, which is
a four propeller quadcopter and a little lighter and smaller.  On this one I attached the Keychain 808 #16 camera.  This camera

 does not handle changing light and contrast quite as well as the RunCam HD, but provides a suitable image from the video.

Off on the right across the railroad tracks is the Great Overland Station and on the horizon are some
grain elevators located between the Kansas River and Lower Silverlake Road.

Alleyway Flying - July 21, 2015

Out of sight and out of mind in a downtown alley.  Little bit of wind so we did not go too high as
sometimes in the downtown area you can get one of the unseen wind drafts between buildings.

Looking South towards the Kansas State Captol building and almost sunset.

Above Downtown Topeka - July 19, 2015

Across the street from the Jayhawk Area Council (Boy Scouts) headquarters at 10th and Monroe Street in a
vacant parking lot area.  Little bit of wind started to kick up so we didn't take the MJX X600 up too high.

Using the RunCam HD camera attached to the botton of the MJX X600 hexacopter with velcro.